Update your APC devices without a Windows OS

I’ve been upgrading my APC UPSes to systems with APC management cards (AP9630/AP9631) in them. For some reason the APC site thinks that EVERYONE in the world only run Windows OSes. I don’t run windows… and it’s a PITA to get an eval VM just to update the APC firmware. Also, I really only have […]

More power captain! Or when sprinkler valves fail…

For the Minnesota Roller Girls roller derby game in February they played in the Xcel Energy Center, which was awesome!  The place holds a ton of people, which is great for MNRG, but presents a challenge for the T-Shirt cannon, as the calculations were set for the Roy Wilkins Auditorium.  So, I went about changing […]

My Cat Feeder knows DST!

  Woke up this Sunday (DST spring ahead in MN) and the cat feeder updated it’s time for feeding without my intervention! How cool is that? I call this the cats MEOW of feeders!

Raspberry Pi Power Cat Feeder – Updates

Back in February 2013 I started teaching my Raspberry Pi 101 class. After the first class I think I had Pi on the brain, I was scheduled for a quick weekend trip out of town with my girlfriend, and she was due to leave her two cats behind. She said that she was going to […]