Toorcamp Raspberry Pi Workshop!

I’m teaching a workshop at Toorcamp!

PiClassCrop26Do you want to make an automated cat feeder? Have you played with Ardunio or a Raspberry Pi? Maybe you’ve never used either. This workshop aims to teach the basic skills of setting up a Raspberry Pi Linux computer and working with Input and Output (GPIO). Using a Raspberry Pi and GPIO you can react and control the real world! We will teach you the skills you need to read temperature, light, control LEDs, move a servo (motor), and more!

This workshop will be split into two three-hour sessions. Part one will be installing and booting your Raspberry Pi, running python, and getting things going- ideally blinking LEDs by the end of class. Part two will involve advanced python concepts, and working on reading temperature, and other real world applications for GPIO.

To register visit:

The first class will start Friday July 11th, at 2:30pm.

Requirements for this class are:
A laptop or computer with a free USB port and Administrator or root access to the system.

This class has two tiers:
Tier 1 Includes a kit with a breadboard, sensors, LEDs, Wifi, etc. You must bring your own Raspberry Pi.
Tier 2 Comes with a Raspberry Pi, and includes everything from the kit in Tier1.

Tier 1 Workshop Kit Includes (
USB Cable
Serial Console Cable
SD Card
Pi Cobbler with Cable
Breadboarding wires
PiClassCrop31Cool Raspberry Pi Badge for your bag.
5 x 10K resistors for pullups on the buttons
5 x 560 ohm resistors for the LEDs
1 RED 10mm diffused LED
1 GREEN 10mm diffused LED
1 BLUE 10mm diffused LED
3 tactile pushbuttons
Light-sensitive resistor photocell
1uF capacitor
1 MCP3008 (Analog to Digital)
1 1-wire Temperature sensor
1 Analog Temperature sensor
1 USB Wifi

Tier 2 Workshop Kit:
Everything from the Tier 1 kit.
Raspberry Pi Model B

Tier 1 cost: $125
Tier 2 cost: $165